Hi, I'm Ravi

I’ve been covering technology for over two decades, with a special focus on video games and consumer devices.

I’m currently Deputy Editor at Rest of World, a non-profit outlet covering the impact of tech outside the Western bubble. Before that, I helped to create and served as the editorial lead for Abacus, a spin-off site at the South China Morning Post focusing on Chinese consumer tech. I also spent 14 years at CNN International producing live world news shows like News Stream. And I used to write for various gaming outlets and magazines, like IGN, GameSpot, 1UP and The Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.

Over the years, I’ve seen too many of my stories disappear due to sites closing or overhauling their CMS; I’m also becoming increasingly wary of how much of my content lives on platforms controlled by capricious owners. I’m hoping to use this site both as a record of what I’ve done, and as a place for personal musings. It’s my little home on the web.

And as my own site, I have a little pledge: none of what you see on this site was generated by or made with the help of AI. I do not use AI tools for writing, nor do I use them to generate images.

As you can tell by the Nintendo 64 reference in the URL, I’m a huge fan of video games. I also like taking drone photos of my beautiful hometown, Hong Kong.