A selection of some of my favorite work is here. For a more complete archive, please check out my Authory portfolio.

How football shirts chart the rise and fall of tech giants

Looking at the changing fortunes of the tech industry from an unexpected angle: football shirt sponsors. I grew up with Panini World Cup sticker books, so I loved applying that look and feel to this story.

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Welcome to the Ambaniverse

A visual examination of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s many (many) businesses, and how his products touch the lives of everyday Indians in more ways than anyone can imagine. A fun project, expertly illustrated by Glenn Harvey.

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China Tech City

We wanted people to discover our wide library of explainers on the big names in China’s tech industry, but couldn’t find an engaging way to showcase them. In the end, we took inspiration from the introduction to the show Silicon Valley.

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The best drone just got better: Mavic 2 Pro review

We did a lot of in-depth gadget reviews in text and video form at Abacus, but this was probably my favorite one: not too long, but packed with (I hope!) useful and clear information.

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Nintendo's Satoru Iwata played by his own rules

Obituaries are always sad to write, but I try to pay tribute by explaining just what made them so special. Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata is one of those special people, and I hope I did him justice here.

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18 quintillion planets: The video game that imagines an entire galaxy

As a big gamer, it was really important to me that we covered games properly at CNN. I visited Hello Games to put together this preview of the brilliant No Man’s Sky a year before it released.

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